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How it works

What is KIOO and how does it work?

Vivre is an online store for furniture, decorations and accessories for home and lifestyle. Vivre combines campaigns with products valid for several days to create the best online shopping.

How is the final price of an order calculated?

The value of the order is formed by the price of the products (indicated for each product) and the transport. If you have chosen a cash on delivery method, an additional fee will be charged.

How is it paid?

You can pay upon delivery (in cash or POS, in lei), online with the card (via PayU), in installments using the credit cards of the partner banks or you can choose to pay by payment order. Payment on delivery is accompanied by additional payment by cash on delivery. If you choose the payment order you have 48 hours from the execution of the order for the payment, and we must confirm it by email to

When and how is the delivery made?

The delivery time of the products varies depending on their availability and is indicated on the page for each product. Delivery is made through a courier company within the specified order period, which is influenced by the product with the longest delivery period.


How long does the delivery take after the order

be shipped from our warehouse?

When sending the shipment from KIOO you will receive an email notification and within a few days you will be notified by courier (phone / SMS) about the day of delivery.

Can I buy and receive an invoice and a company receipt?

Yes. What you need to do is select the "Yes" option to the question "Do you want an invoice"? If you want a receipt, you can ask for it upon delivery to the courier, when paying for the order.

Can I check the ordered products at the time of delivery?

The "View purchase order" option is active, so you can check the products in front of the courier. In case any of the products is damaged, we ask you together with the courier to draw up a report on the damaged shipment and then send it to our email

How can I combine more orders?

If you have placed several orders in a short time (with a maximum of one day difference in the final delivery date), you can choose to combine them to be delivered simultaneously. Send an email to, with the codes of the orders you want to be combined. The original order will be canceled and the related products will be added to the order in which the cumulation is requested. Merge is only valid for payment orders on delivery.

Can I delay / delay delivery? How?

An order can be postponed from the last day of delivery, reflected in it. To request this delay / delay, please send an email to, specifying the order number or you can postpone your order from your account-your orders.

How can I cancel an order?

You can cancel an order directly from your account by clicking on the "Cancel order" button. This can only happen if the order has not yet been packaged and sent to you. Another way to refuse is to send us an email at, indicating the order number.

How can I cancel a product from my order?

To cancel a product from an order, you need to send an email to contact @ with the order number, the name of the product you want to refuse and the quantity. The product can be canceled only if the order has not yet been packed and sent. to you.

How can I return a product?

You can return a product within 30 days of receiving the order. The return is free (transport is paid by KIOO) and is made by courier, on the date specified by you in the form. To activate the procedure, go to the "Product Return" section at the top under "My Orders" in your profile. The option is active only if you are in your account. Refund of the returned products will be transferred to the specified bank account within 14 days. In case you have not filled in the return form, you must make sure that the products are delivered to the address Maritsa Street, Blagoevgrad, postal code 2700 and send the return identification data by email to

How soon do I receive the money from the return?

The amount will be refunded within 14 days from the date we were informed of the return of the products

Can I replace a product from my order with another one?

An order that has already been placed cannot be changed. It is necessary to cancel the current order and make a new one if you want another type of product, another model or another color, but not before checking the availability of the product on the KIOO website.

Can I add more products to my existing one



No other products can be added to an order already placed. You need to place a new order on the site. If the delivery time coincides (the end date is the same or a day difference), we can combine them.


What should I do if I have received a damaged product?


In case you have received a damaged product, please send us an email to with photos to show the extent of the damage. The request will be accepted by the team of Vivre.

How can I change the delivery details?

To change the delivery address or telephone number you need to send us an email to with the order number and the new delivery data.

I forgot my password, what can I do?

Click "Login" and "Forgot Password" or go to and enter the email address you registered with. A new system password will be generated and sent to the specified email address.

Where can I find the documents related to the order?

The tax invoice and other documents related to the order (warranty, instructions for use and product description, declarations of conformity) can be downloaded from your Vivre profile. Open the "My Orders" page in the "My Account" section, click on the "Details" link for each order and you will find the links for these documents.

When can I find a product that is sold out?

Offers are limited in time, but we try to return the products to the site depending on the availability of a supplier. To check a specific product, you can check from the site's search engine.

Can I return more than one product from the same order?

Yes, more than one product can be returned from the same order or from different orders from the "Return" link in your account. Once the products have been selected and the form has been completed in full, the courier will accept the returned products (within a maximum of 30 days) from one or more orders.

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